Friday, October 28, 2011

A Very Special Room Makeover

Let me tell you about a very exciting and worthwhile project that I'm working on with a few other designer type gals. A friend of mine is a mom of a young boy with cancer. They have been facing an uphill battle with this ugly disease for quite awhile. It appeared when he was only seven years old and then returned when he was 10. His parents want to make his young life as awesome as they can as they continue to fight this disease. 
One thing Suzanne (the mom) wanted to do was to create a very special bedroom makeover for him. So, when she asked for help, I believe I was first or second in line! I love doing makeovers and well, having three boys, I have the experience. The little boy wants a Call of Duty (military video game) themed room. We are at phase two right now and I will share our progress along with a final reveal as we go.
I had two assignments --window treatments (I'll show these in another post) and a lamp...I came up with an idea for using a helmet for a lamp shade and an amo box for it's base...after all, you can make a lamp out of anything, right? 
Someone donated a vintage helmet and amo box, and I purchased the lamp kit at Home Depot

I was going to do it myself, but someone else volunteered to put it together and since I didn't have the drill bits necessary, I gave it all to him. He finished in one day! And here it is...I love it and I hope Joey does, too.

He can even store stuff inside (like a secret compartment)! I do plan to cover the screws you see sticking out inside the box because they are sharp, but other than that, the lamp is complete.
A Little Knick Knack


Cassie Bustamante said...

i LOVE this project and i think this whole thing is awesome, renee!!!! love it! you are so good to be there to help. i can't wait to see this special boy's room come together.

stacie said...

It's a great thing that you are doing to help out. Love how the lamp turned out. It's really cool.

The Kramer Angle said...

Wow, it's going to be an awesome room for a very special little boy!

CakeLady29 said...

I love this! Do you have directions on how you created it? I would love to make it for my son's room! Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

Wow, I'd pay for one of those lamps.

Unknown said...

Wow, I'd pay for one of those lamps.