Thursday, March 15, 2018

Adding a touch of spring

I fell in love with this gorgeous Veranda Garden Wreath* from PermaLeaf® and couldn't wait to hang it! With Valentine's Day behind us, I needed to add something add a touch of spring so why not start at the front door?

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I selected the wreath online; it looked beautiful in the photo and when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at its quality and beauty. The colors are rich and the depth of textures really make this wreath stand out from others I've seen. I'm so happy with it!

I've been slowly adding other touches of spring (and Easter) around the home, here and there in the living room, kitchen and family room.

Living room mantle and piano top:

Family room mantel and antique dresser top:

And, one last look at this lovely wreath:

*I received the wreath at no charge, but all opinions are mine. My thanks to PermaLeaf® for sending me this free wreath in exchange for an honest review. Visit to see more of their products. You can also visit them on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.