Monday, August 22, 2011


Came back from my long journey to drop off my son in Massachusetts. He goes to a Christian college in Wenham, MA (north shore of Boston). It's a breath-taking beautiful area that I love; I just dread the drive to and from. On the way up, we stopped several places. One is the famous Mystic, Connecticut (drawbridge pic above). I was a bit miffed at Mystic when I found out that you actually had to pay to visit the Mystic Seaport. We didn't. 

Instead we walked the outskirts of the seaport and into the sweet town of Mystic to enjoy some Mystic Pizza, made famous by the '80s movie of the same name. 
The pizza was really good so I do recommend stopping there -- they, of course, have the movie playing on every screen around the restaurant while the wall are spinkled with still photos of the movie and various pics of Julia Roberts. 
Next, we stopped in Plymouth, MA, home of Plymouth Rock. We've been to Plymouth a lot of times and truly love the little town (even though the rock is basically just a rock with a guard rail around it). We stay at the John Carver Inn and I must say, it's really a wonderful place to stay, especially if you have kids. They have an indoor pool shaped like the Mayflower (yeah, I know it's a little corny), but it's also really fun because there's a water slide and little waterfalls to swim through. 

The next day we trooped up to college, unloaded everything, walked the campus and went out to eat. Then, my uneventful, boring drive back...made complete by two major traffic jams.
So, school starts tomorrow. We are ready. Heading to the pool to enjoy the last full day. It's gorgeous here in Annapolis. Back later in the week with some projects.

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Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

That's a COOL pool!

Was Matt Damon in Mystic Pizza too? I can't remember. I need to rent that one. I'm an 80s movie lover. :)