Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yard Sale Scores!

I only went to two yards sales and struck gold. My sole purpose was to get a nightstand for my son's room and I found one at the first sale for, get this, $5. A beautiful (well, it needs some work) mid-century, solid wood piece for $5! I have plans for him...

Got this sweet set for my bathroom to replace my "5 Below" trash can.

These antique match holders were so pretty, I had to get them. One for me, one for my shop!

A sweet rocking chair for $1. I plan on painting it for my school's silent auction -- this year or next year. Probably next year.

Finally, I saw these chairs, but had to pass...really hard as they were $2 each...yes, that's right. Needed to be recovered that's why...what? So gorgeous.

I also got a cake stand (I have a thing for them), and two purses (brand new). What a day! I spent a total of $30.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Color Me Something

I'm on the hunt for paint colors again. I want to paint my oldest son's room. Next week, he is moving back to the Boston area (where he went to school). I am sad, but I know that's what will make him happy. Maybe if I paint it, he'll stay? No way; he's got a gal up there and a job interview.

Anyway, right now his room is very dark. Black bookshelves, black bed (which I love) and maroon and beige walls (high school colors) so I want to lighten it up by painting the walls. It will now be a guest room for my son and whomever (unless my youngest wants it).

Maybe a light greenish blue, light grayish blue, light aqua blue...not sure...any help?Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue Paint Color.Lilac Lane Cottage: More Cottage Bathroom Inspiration- this looks so relaxing I love that lite ocean blue paint so soothing
Potential wall color from Eggshell Blues paint colors in May 2013 issue of BHG

It has to look good with black because I am NOT painting an entire wall of bookshelves. Anyway, it will be a while...
All images are from my Pinterest board: Home Inspirations where you can find sources.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Kitchen Kravings

After almost 18 years, I'm craving a new kitchen....or at least an updated one! There's really nothing wrong with it, except the cabinets are getting faded and worn, the countertop is getting a little stained (although, for a laminate's really held up well.  Nevarmar®is the brand) and I really, really want to put a cooktop in my island where I can spread out and cook. However, the reality is that I've got my son's college loans to pay off, the cars are getting older and I am working full-time so I don't have time to DIY. So, I'm just going to dream...humor me and enjoy:
This one has a sink on the island instead of a cooktop, but, I could live with that!
Dream kitchen
Now, this is a cooktop island!

Love this for a pantry...I actually priced getting these types of doors...out of this gal's budget!
pantry- this is what I want!!!!
Love the soft colors in this kitchen and those cabinets...Soothing Retreat Savvy Splurges
This isn't actually my taste, but wouldn't it be nice to have all of that space?

Kitchen Ideas #kitchen

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