Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Christmas Spirit and an Invitation

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house ...finally! Here are some vignettes (house is still a big mess, but we still haven't got the family Christmas tree). Above is my entrance table...that gnome kind of looks a little mischievous, doesn't he? Below, a fun little Dr. Seuss-type tree in my office:

More trees in my office:

This is my hallway bench; it looks better in person.

My kitchen is halfway there...

I love to dress up lamps...
The invitation...I stumbled across a great idea that Angie from Seriously a Homemaker shared on her blog. It's called the 12 Days of Service. The idea is to to make this Christmas a special one for everyone-- it's about caring-- and isn't that what Christmas is about anyway? As a family, we always take tags off the tree at church and get presents for underprivileged children, but it seems that I end up doing it and the family doesn't really get involved. So, this year we are doing the 12 Days of Service and I am going to now make it an annual tradition. It's a list of very easy things to do each day, starting on December 13. Such as:
"Do something unexpected for a family member today. Complete their chores without fanfare or offer to do the one thing you know they dread..."
Click here for more information: 12 Days of Service.
Consider it and come back and share your family's experience with me on my next post.

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Lynn Stevens said...

Great holiday decor! I adore your kitchen!!!
hugs Lynn