Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Make Mountains

He finished! My son has been very busy creating his fifth grade state float. He chose the state of Maine because we have so many happy memories of hiking and sea glass hunting there. He decided to focus on Arcadia National Park (even though we've never actually been to that part of Maine). He wanted to make mountains...and I showed him an easy peasy way to make them. Sure, we could create them out of plaster of paris, but ugh, no time. So, I'll share a secret...he created them out of paper bags!

Here's how:
1. Take a paper bag ...we used lunch bags -- white and natural.
2. Twist it to make it pliable.
3. Straighten it out and then twist the top to make it pointy and then crumple it a bit to shape it like a rocky mountain.
4. Cut slits about an inch around the bottom...this is the part you will glue down to your surface.
5. Then glue it! Ta da! Mountains.

By the way, he did it all himself...I supervised and offered advice. I also superglued the lobsters to the side because I didn't want him gluing his fingers together! Now, cross your fingers that we get it to school in one piece!

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