Saturday, August 4, 2012

My London Connection

Like most of the U.S., I am addicted to the Olympics and can't get enough. I watch them every evening ... and usually fall asleep (only to have my son wake me, exclaiming that I just missed something exciting)! I have a small London connection, but alas, it's not the Olympics. I recently finished a huge custom order for a bride-to-be in London. She found me through my etsy shop. We have been working to create the perfect favors for her's been a long process, but I shipped the order last week! First, she wanted something like the photo above, but after many, many conversations, we opted for something fun and funky (she really has a fun personality so the shabby chic, French look just wasn't her). I ordered the hearts, an acrylic stamp, and by way of another artist, I received a small sample of her bridesmaid's dresses and went to work to find the perfect color match.

After finding the perfect paint, I began painting over 100 little hearts, stamping each one and writing the names of her guests on each and every one! Tedious work to say the least and really not something I could do while watching TV. I finished in time, but forgot to take pictures of the final product...except this one (which is backward because the names go on the front, but you get the idea).

So, that's my connection. Oh, and we do have a hometown guy in the Olympics...pretty fun...Matthew Centrowitz, a graduate of our local high school, just qualified for the semi-finals in the 1500 meter track event! He set the Maryland state record at 1600 meters and his father was also an Olympian. Keep your eye on this guy! The semi-finals are tomorrow...Go Matt!


Andi Morris said...

Awesome!! That is so cool that you got a big order and it was international!

Beth said...

Love the London favors! So cute! I obsessed over the olympics so much, I kind of don't know what to do now that they aren't on