Saturday, August 10, 2013

Package it Pretty!

I'm a sucker for good packaging and love when I order something -- anything -- and it comes wrapped in a creative way. Take for instance, the packaging materials I bought from AnnabelGray. It was a tiny purchase, just some dry wax bags and little boxes to ship my small items from my Etsy shops. Anyway, it arrived this way. Simple, but so sweet and well done:
She inspired me so, I decided to start sending my heart charms in a similar way - I used to package them with tissue paper. I still wrap tissue around them, but this way is much easier and I think, more fun. I really want to find the brown kraft stickers and create my own envelope sealers, but this is all I could find at Hobby Lobby yesterday.
I also love gift wrapping packages for customers. I sent out my latest creation wrapped in tulle...I love tulle. It makes everything looks so lovely.


Andi said...

Hi Renee!!!!! I miss you!! How have ya been?? Sorry about the lack of contact. I miss blogging but my computer died :(

Donna said...

I think pretty packaging is half the fun! Love the tuile, it's so pretty! I am always impressed when I receive an order and the sender went to even just a bit of trouble to pretty it up. To me, it's always a big let down to purchase something from a shop on Etsy, and have it just stuffed in the box, no note, nothing!!