Saturday, January 18, 2014

Inspiration for my son's room

I have a 13-year old who is happy with his room, but is thinking about moving onto his older brother's room (for a bigger bed). Of course, we could move the bed into his room, but I'm not sure the two twin beds (currently in his room) would fit into his big bro's room. So, he doesn't really care at this point what the room looks like (quite obvious with the clothes all over the floor), but I'm dying to create!
I'm looking for his feedback so I' gathering some inspiration from the web. Thinking of a subtle ski theme.
Such as these shelves (snow ski, of course) from Junk Market style:

Or these from Liftopia (above)

This would be a cool headboard, shown on

See where I'm going with this? Send ideas my way...

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Anonymous said...

great ideas for my ski bum too. Thanks for sharing. :D