Saturday, February 5, 2011

Barefoot in the Winter?

Happened upon a little store yesterday… kind of the store of my dreams. It’s called Barefoot Dwelling and it’s located in a town a little north of me called Severna Park.
When I pulled up to the shop, I knew I was going to love it…just by the exterior! And…a cool, 1961 Ford truck sitting out front that says, “Repurposed with Style.”
Walking in, I wasn’t let down. So many cool repurposed vintage findings and the proprietors Mary and Lisa, are delightful! If you’re ever in the area, visit. You won’t be disappointed.
By the way, the #1 way one above was my small purchase…it’s now hanging on an old gate in my office (it was on my lamp shade, but it fell into my coffee cup when I turned on the lamp … live and learn).
And just look at the bag it came in…worth buying something, don’t you agree? (No, that’s NOT why I bought the number!)
Here are some of the cool things in their shop:

Barefoot Dwelling photos courtesy of Barefoot Dwelling.


A Vintage Vine said...

Love the tag! I just love finding a new place to browse.

Jane said...

That's my kind of store! Sounds like a fun place to shop.

Karena said...

Lve the tags and the bag! It is so fun to come across an unexpected treasure!

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Art by Karena

Vicki said...

Fun store! I'll have to visit the next trip home. I went to Severna Park High School.