Friday, February 11, 2011

Incredible Art from Precious Hands

For the past two or three years, I have been involved in our school's annual fundraiser - a bull roast, which includes a silent auction. Last year, we decided to auction the students' artwork. It was a fun project, but a lot more work than we anticipated (especially when we had to "fix up" some of the final results).

This year, we decided, we would do things differently, learning from the past year that paint and grout and kids don't mix well.

After meeting with our wonderful art teacher, we decided to create square paper collages, that way each child's artwork would be highlighted on a 3" x 3" square of paper. Ms. Mason came up with the idea of doing a shape per grade. For example, kindergarten would use rectangles as their shape, fourth grade would use hearts and so on. Each kid had one 3" x 3" square to interpret their shape. The results were incredible and so varied!!! Here are some examples.
2nd grade - squares

3rd grade - Organic shapes:

4th grade- hearts (can you guess which one is my son's?)

Finally, 5th grade - stars: (we don't have K and 1st yet)

Aren't these so COOL?!

The next step: a few of us are gathering at my house to artistically arrange these shapes on poster board and then frame them for auction. We will have two framed works of art per grade and they will be sold as a set. We hope that parents will bid high because these are truly one-of-a-kind works of art that come from great little minds.

Stay tuned for the final framed results in a few weeks.

Oh, and if you are local and want to have a blast, join us for the Bull Roast on March 5th by purchasing tickets here -  click on "buy now" and your tickets will be mailed to you!


Anonymous said...

I worked with Ms. Mason for 3 years at her last school. She is very talented and you are lucky to have her at your child's school. The artwork looks amazing!

stacie said...

They are awesome! I really like all the colors. Especially the black & gold!