Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Time is the Time to Get Back in the Swing

My poor Etsy shop and blog are suffering since I started working full time, but I was so happy for a little lull time so I started creating again. Having some time between soccer games, I made the sweet little trinket box you see above.
I've also been inundated with orders for my initial blocks. Made the little set below for a newborn who happens to be a Pittsburgh Steeler fan (we start them early).

I'm now working on a four set order for a woman who wants to give her daughters a special Christmas present -- so happy to be able to create some girly stuff - and she gave me free reign to select colors, etc. So much fun!!! I'll post after Christmas just in case her daughters read my blog (you never know).
Have a great Thanksgiving!


Manhattan Image and Style said...

This is so much fun!! I love your work! :)

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Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

I'm happy that you have a little time to create some of your pretties! Enjoy the "lull" and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!