Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tailgate Gala

Last night was our school's biggest fundraiser…the gala. This year we went with a tailgating theme and it was huge success. Some amazing moms at the school and Parish staff pulled off this amazing event and had a record turnout.
I was in charge of coming up with the design "vision." With the help of other moms, we came up with some fun ways to create a tailgate theme on a small budget.

We held the silent auction in a large outdoor tent. I made signs and ticket windows for this area, but forgot to take photos (darn). Inside, we created the outside of a stadium:

I used fake brick and a paintable wallpaper border, which I sponged with a watered down gray paint to make it look like concrete.

The letters above the statue took forever to hang. Luckily I had the help of a mathmatically-inclined dad to figure out the spacing.

We hung the team flags as decorations and then auctioned them off. The background (you can hardly see…are crowd scenes. We only had 12 green tablecloths so we needed to get creative. Using duck tape we created yard lines and PVC pipe goal posts.

The white tablecloth centerpieces were turf with footballs on a tee and then a flag "thrown in" for color.

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Lynn Stevens said...

Love how you decorated and the goalie poles are a brilliant idea.
Looks like a great time was had by all!!!!!
Thanks for entering my giveaway Renee and best of luck
Hugs Lynn