Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Try Something New

Like my new blog background? Let me know! I'm not sure it's exactly me yet, but it's better than plain old white. Speaking of that, did you know the easiest and most inexpensive way to change the look of your home decor is through paint? Don't be afraid to paint your walls with color and lots of it ... it doesn't have to be bright. It can be subtle, but please, unless you're trying to sell your house, get away from all white walls!!! I'm researching an article on color trends for 2010, so stay posted (and friends in Annapolis, be sure to read the March issue of What's Up Annapolis for all the details).
I've wrapped up work on two of my projects and will be posting them soon on my website. (Of course, I'll give you the website address, but I'm not ready just yet.)
On another note, anyone looking for earth-friendly, non-toxic furniture finish...I've found it! (You can't recycle furniture and then use a toxic polyurethane finish...It would defeat the whole purpose! ) But, before I give them a big plug, I need to try it on my furniture first. If it looks great, I'll let you know. Note: Just because it's water-based doesn't mean that it's earth friendly or non-toxic.

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