Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One done, five to go!

Wow, I've finished one "Little Sailor" rocking chair! I had so much fun painting it. Traditional navy and red, brightened with a yellow citrus green and polka dots...I love polka dots! I put it on my website this morning, but I'm not publishing it until I get two more pieces done (originally, I wanted to finish everything, but that may not happen before Christmas....and I'm too excited to wait). Here's a sneak peek!
I just bought three pine bookcases and have a great idea for one of them...anyone need bookcases? I can customize them for you or a friend before the holidays!
Okay...I need to go back to writing about color trends. Note: green is going to be big in 2010; at least that's what the color gurus are telling me.

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