Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Art Space

Far left: Old space--dark and crowded; Left: new space--bright and cheery!

I've got a new space to create my art! I'm using a little corner of my friend's warehouse. She started a new business, To The Trade, and in exchange for using her space, I accept deliveries and answer the phone while she is out on business. It's awesome and much better than my over-crowded garage (my husband is happy, too). Who knows, maybe we'll get a car in there this winter???

I recommend everyone create a space to work for his or her craft no matter where. I actually use the back of my (very long) closet for card-making and scrapbooking. My sis has a whole room dedicated to jewelry making and it's very cool. If you think about it, many people (except, perhaps, those of you in a studio apartment) have spaces they don't use.

Here are some ideas:

Being creative may mean that you have to turn a closet, laundry room or part of another room into an office. The end of a long hallway or a stairway landing (although you can't close a door) could also be an option. In addition, don't forget that space under the stairs.

If you decide to use part of a room for an office, be sure to set up boundaries, says Kanarek, also the author of Home Office Solutions, (Quarry Books, 2001). She suggests using a folding floor screen or large piece of furniture, such as floor to ceiling bookshelves, to divide the room so you can minimize distractions.

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