Sunday, March 28, 2010

Collage crazy, once again...

After sitting at my computer for hours this week, writing and copy-editing, I was ready for some tactical creativity. Out came all my art supplies...and the results are creations that I'm putting on my new etsy shop to sell. (coming soon)

This first piece took me hours, but I absolutely love the result. I added and subtracted things until I had to make myself stop. Every time I found something lilac, pink or purple, it would have to go on the collage! What inspired me? This wonderful text, from The Velveteen Rabbit: "She was the quite the loveliest fairy in the whole world. Her dress was of pearl and dewdrops, and there were flowers round her head and in her hair..."

I just can imagine some sweet little girl hanging it in her room, knowing that she's the loveliest fairy.

I hand drew the fairy, adapting an illustration I saw in another book. The wings didn't turn out as well as I liked, so I ended up cutting new wings from purple tissue and then adding a white metallic embossing powder to them. The text says that she has flowers in her hair, pearls and dewdrops on her dress, so I found some tiny metal flower beads for her head, added a skirt of tulle and bedecked it with pearls and "dewdrop" rhinestones. The clouds were created from an old piano book. The piece of vintage jewelry was so pretty that I had to incorporate it, too. Can you tell that I had fun?

This next photo is another fun piece that was inspired by an old book. (Can you tell that I'm a writer?) This was from a 1963  middle school science textbook. The "modern" laundry room (picture in right hand corner of the collage) was the photo that inspired me to create "It's laundry day." Now, I don't know about you, but with three boys playing sports, I do laundry every day. However, I remember growing up with "laundry day." My mom would do laundry, set up her ironing board and watch her "stories" (soap operas) while working through the day. The house would smell so fresh and clean. How many of you still have laundry day?


stacie said...

I have one better than laundry day...a husband who does the laundry!

I love both of the collages! The first one is beautiful. I wish Madison was still into fairy's instead of Taylor Swift!

The Laundry day one would look perfect in my Laundry room...isn't my birthday coming up soon??

Allison said...

I love them both. Really creative. Can't wait to see your new etsy store!
Take care!

Carmen said...

I really like the first one a lot. How creative!!