Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Spring is always bustling and busy for me -- especially with kid's sports, concerts, recitals, field trips, special days at school! It seems like everyone is trying to pack everything in before summer begins, add to that trying to make a living at home, and I may never see my pillow again! I have been extremely busy with my work -- finished my client's two bookshelves, another bookshelf (above, for sale) working on another client project, almost completed a children's beach-themed table and chairs and created many new collage works (they are so fun). I even sold one of my favorite collage pieces to a new friend the other day...very exciting! So, please forgive me if my postings are few and far between for the next couple of can always check my website and etsy shops (yep, shops) to see what I've been up to! My etsy shops can be found at   and

Here is the link to my website: (you can also click on the picture of the dresser drawer to the right). Right now until May 31, I'm donating 20% of all proceeds from website (sorry, not Etsy shops) to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Why not give that graduate (or anyone) a special, meaningful gift from the heart and help JDRF in the process? (Okay, that's it for my sales pitch.) Here's one sample of what you'll find:

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

looks great, renee! we are going to miss you tomorrow night- have fun with your son and best of luck to his team!