Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Treasures from Weekend Past...

I went on a treasure hunt this weekend for two purposes -- one, I'm writing an article about flea markets for Taste of the Bay magazine and two, I was on the hunt for vintage books, frames and boxes. I came away with those and more!!! I found a great little flea market near Annapolis (you'll have to read Taste of the Bay's June issue to find out more). I want to go back every week, but I'll have to control myself or my husband may ask me to move out!
For a mere $14, I kid you not, I came away with a wood side table, a jewelry box, a bag of books (antique, vintage, hardback),  11 frames, 3 with mats, and two wooden candle sticks (see photo). The side table is already at my studio and it has such beautiful lines, I may just keep it for myself.
I'm headed up to spend some time with my sister where she'll be busy creating jewelry and I'll be busy creating collage work. Look for my creations sometime next week!!!

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Carmen said...

Those are amazing finds! Have a wonderful time with your sister.

I love sister time too, as we're both creative. So much fun!