Friday, July 9, 2010

All About Steve

Okay. I admit it. I've been a bit preoccupied. On a whim, we decided to adopt another Siberian husky. His name is Steve. He and my dog aren't hitting it all. 

Here's his story: A couple who were in the U.S. Army bought him as a pup from a breeder in Poland (He actually has a passport!). They lived in Germany with him for 4 years. They recently transferred to Ft. Meade, MD and told us that they couldn't keep the dog because he was knocking down small children at the base in the common area (wanting to play); and they don't have a backyard for him. They told us he was great with other dogs. We brought our dog to meet him and they did just fine. Then we brought him home. 
He clearly needs to be an only or an alpha dog. He seems to like other dogs except our dog. Yesterday, we had a bit of a breakthrough...he wanted to play with our dog. Our dog (who clearly doesn't trust him) wanted no part of it and she let him know. We had a family come to look at him yesterday because their husky passed away and they want a new one, however, my kids and I are now growing attached. My heart says we can work it out, but my head says, "Are you insane?" The dog is beautiful, partially trained (he's very hyper, but will listen to commands such as sit, stay, lay down). 

I think he would make a great pet for someone, but he clearly must not be placed in homes with small children or dogs. I brought him to the SPCA, but they said since he fought with our dog that they would have to euthanize him. I did a 180 and got out of there as quickly as possible -- no way I was going to let anyone put down such a great dog. So, that's all about Steve. Stay tuned.

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