Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend Class and Sister Time

This past weekend I headed to Savage Mills, a historic (19th century) textile mill that was transformed into a unique shopping adventure that features artist studios, craft galleries, antique stores and specialty shops. I took a class at one of the specialty stores there, The Queen's Ink, a funky, fun craft store that's way beyond your local super-sized craft store. They offer classes on a weekly basis, but this was my first and it was fantastic. We created paper mosaics and everyone in the class came up with something spectacular! Patti, the talented store owner, taught the class and told us at the beginning that there were no ugly mosaics, and she was so right! I'll post my finished project on my next blog.
Sunday and Monday, I played with what I learned and made a few more paper mosaics and then headed up to my sister's house on Tuesday. We finished working on our current projects, including a darling little jewelry box that I hand-painted for a client in Texas (see above). I whitewashed an unfinished musical jewelry box that I found at a yard sale (it was brand new) and then arranged the wooden letters and painted the flower and butterfly to frame them. I then painted each letter a soft background color and when they dried, I added a special touch to each -- polka dots, stripes, little leaves, little flowers and stars -- then I glued them to the top. I added Swarovski crystals to the top and the drawer handle and painted the front with the same pastels, covered it all with a protective coat and then shipped it off!

After we finished our projects, we had some fun (and a lot of laughs) creating Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). She also helped me take some photos and edit them for my showcase tomorrow morning. Visit my shop for some brand new creations!

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

looks like you had fun! hope your birthday was lovely and that you at least got a cupcake!