Thursday, July 29, 2010

Revamp Camp

Well, not really a camp, but I like the fact that it rhymed.
I've been working on revamping some yard sale treasures and the mail holder above is one of my finished products. It was painted those lovely '80s colors of mauve and blue, but it called out to me at $2 and said, "paint me and make me useful!" So,  I did. I painted it creme, stenciled 1-2-3 on it and added three buttons to finish it off. Now, it can be used to hold mail, craft supplies, whatever!  I like how it turned out, but it will probably end up at my etsy shop as my walls are getting crowded!

I also had time to revamp a small jewelry box...I experimented since it was a free piece that I picked up from my local Freecycle. I'm not quite done, but so far, I've decoupaged it, used gold leaf, vintage jewelry and stamped far, so good.

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