Thursday, November 18, 2010

I’m Santa … how cool is that?

I just finished creating a custom ballerina jewelry box for a little girl in Texas. The little girl asked Santa for a Cinderella blue ballerina jewelry box. Her mom contacted me through etsy. 

I just so happened to have one working, but very beat up, ballerina jewelry box in my stash. (You never know when there will be a need for a ballerina jewelry box.) Anyway, she told me that her three year old was very specific about wanting it Cinderella blue and I said “No problem.” Then I searched the craft aisles for Cinderella blue …amazingly, and I mean amazingly, there is no Cinderella blue. There is of course, pale blue, robin’s egg blue, regency blue, paradise blue, Bahama blue, winter blue, super blue … you get it. We decided on Regency blue by Plaid Enterprises, and I went to work. 

The box was made out of chip wood covered in paper and the paper was in bad shape – peeling, etc. Thank goodness she liked the shabby chic look because that’s basically all I could do. I used Mod Podge to decoupage a lacy specialty paper (have no idea where it came from but I had it) over the ripped parts and then roughed up the edges all around to match the other roughed up edges. The little girl also told Santa that she wanted her name on top. That was easy. 

Me and her mom decided on using little wood letters instead of script, so she could read it. I painted and then stamped the letters with a beautiful French script, but it looked too grown up, so ... I redid the letters with sweet little flowers and butterflies. Then embellished the top with a few fabric flowers and used Gorilla Glue to fasten down the Swarovski crystals (so little hands can’t pry them off). A pretty lacy ribbon hides the imperfections along the top. And well, here it is! Since it was from Santa, I stamped  “from the North Pole” on the bottom and left a little handmade gift inside just for her.

The result: I got this little note from her mom and that was more than I ever could ask for

"So gorgeous.....and such great detail (From the North Pole? Fairy Wand? Awesome!!)! 
This is going to be Lucia's very favorite gift this year, I'm sure of it." 

 ...well, I certainly hope Lucia likes it, too!!

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

very cute, renee! i am sure she will love it!

freckled laundry said...

That is a precious box, Renee!

Carmen said...

Oh my goodness Renee...this is SO cute!!! I had a ballerina jewelry box when I was young. I just loved it. The ballerina danced and did little pirrhoettes (sp?). Lucia is one lucky little gal!

Ky said...

Just saw this link on Shabby Chic. The photo caught my eye cos that's my daughters name too, only we pronounce it Lousha not Luchia like it is mostly pronounced. I love it! I love seeing those five letters. Makes my heart sing!

Jazzynickel said...

That is one beautiful jewelry box! Great job lady, I mean Santa. ;)