Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wine and Wreaths

Our monthly wine & design group just met last night and we created wreaths. Everyone did something different and they were so cool! I was going to give you a tutorial on making my wreath, but it was so easy, I can sum it up in four steps:
1.    Purchase a wreath form. I used a 12-inch stick(?) one I purchased at Michael’s.
2.    Look through your fabric stash (I assume everyone has a fabric stash) and find something pleasing to the eye. I had some muslin leftover from a project that I never even started and some other utility fabric that I found.
3.    Start ripping the fabric into strips. I played around until I found the size that would work best. Snip with scissors and then rip these strips into different lengths (just make sure that you can tie them around the wreath form.) If you want a neater look, you can cut them, but I like the frayed look so I just let’er rip!
4.    Attach to the wreath form by tying each strip on – the more the merrier! Twist them in different ways to create interest!
  And you can add embellishments – after seeing Cassie’s felt rosettes, I decided to make some myself and attach them. She taught me how to make them in a matter of minutes, and after a couple tries, I believe I got it! There are dozens of tutorials online about how to make them.
And, there you have it! Take a look at all the other fun wreaths we creative gals completed, er, almost completed.

First, Cassie's wreath:  She found that cool little bird at Target's ... gotta go grab a few myself:

Then, Emily's, eerily similar to Cassie's -- and they didn't plan it that way!
For some reason, Cassie's mom's wreath didn't make it in my first post...I swear it was there at one time. It's gorgeous ... so now you know where Cassie gets some of her talent genes.
 Julie and Jasmine didn't get too far (they tried!!). They will finish or embellish at home (well, maybe Jasmine may just eat her's)!
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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

you know i think yours is fabulous! you will find a place for it i am sure! my mom didn't find a place for hers, so i get it! woo hoo!

Jazzynickel said...

Renee, It was great meeting you on Friday. Ya know, I did end up eating mine! LOL (those darn tootsie's wouldn't stay on) so I'm actually planning to do a new wreath out of some other non mouth-watering material and we'll see how it turns out. BTW, your wreath came out great.


Jane said...

Looks like a fun night....and I really like the idea of wine and design!!
Your wreath turned out great.
Jane said...

What a cute wreath. Love the rosetes. Looks like it was fun too.

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Tammy said...

Beautiful wreaths...looks like a fun time!
Tammy :-)

Heidi Meyer said...

What a fun evening and such creative wreaths!! Thanks for sharing. Blessings ~ Heidi

freckled laundry said...

Love this! I really need to make a wreath someday...and a rag wreath is what I want. Thank you so much for linking to air your laundry Friday, Renee!