Saturday, November 5, 2011

2 Hands Indie Craft Market and More!

Today, before soccer games began I managed to squeeze in two yard sales, a flea market and the 2 Hands Indie Craft Market. A busy morning to say the least. The yard sales were a bust-- nothing good, but the flea market yielded me two more very cool wood cigar boxes, some 45 records for the 5th grade sock hop (I'm running it with two other moms this year), and some little ironwork findings for my artwork. (Sorry, no pics of my finds...too late in the evening.)
However, I did take some pics at the market...sorry they aren't larger, but I took them with my phone and they don't really look great when enlarged.
First up is Kacey from FoundStudio and I must say that the pictures I took do not do her artwork any justice so I pulled one off of her etsy shop.  She does incredible mixed media work and I swear I couldn't stop looking at her stuff.

Here is Marghi, a successful jewelry artist, who I met about a year ago. She has an etsy shop Divine Planet, and her jewelry, like her personality, evokes a zen-like calmness with just the right amount of sparkle and spice!  

Here's Jessica, who doesn't have a shop just yet, but creates beautiful and colorful pottery (her colors remind me of Fiestaware). I wish I would have thought to bring a real camera...her pottery was so pretty!

Then, I found  Michelle, who makes these incredible purses. Her shop, Purses with a Past, is also on etsy. She creates purses with pieces of vintage materials such as tablecloths, piano seats, bedspreads...such vision! I've never seen anything like them...again, I wish I had a better camera because these pics just don't do her work justice.

Such a great group of talented artists! Yes, I was going to participate in this particular fair, but since it's at such a small venue, I was placed outside and I just didn't want to chance it, so I vetoed it...maybe next year I'll get a space indoors! Oh, and my kid's bathroom made The CSI Project's Top 10 this week!! Yippee!


Found Studio said...

Thanks so much Renee!! Really sweet of you and I'm so glad you enjoyed my work! Nice meeting you...I will head over to your Etsy shops and look around! Cheers!

Vicki said...

I loved finding new etsy shops. Thanks so much for sharing these with us. Congrats on the kids bath room!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm off to follow the link for the purses, too! Love your post and congrats on making the top 10 for the kid's bathroom! Great job! ♥

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Such exciting news, congrat's! Off to browse :)