Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ideas for Little Wood Frames?

If you saw my craft room right now (aka bedroom), you would think I was, well, a little disorganized. I literally have about five projects going at once. Christmas trees, jewelry boxes, pillows, gift bags, switchplates...ahhhh!!! I'm also trying to organize a teacher's luncheon school so my downstairs office has papers strewn across the floor. Needless to say, I don't need another project, but here I am asking for your help on yet another one....

I have five of the little frames you see in the pictures -- they are roughly 4-1/2" x 4". I've kept them for about three years now. I have no clue what to do with them, so, I'm coming to you dear followers to give me some ideas. All I know is that I DON'T want to use them as picture frames. Ideas? Anyone?
P.S. Stay tuned for some tutorials coming your way.


Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

They are nice and beefy! I like 'em!

The first thing that came to mind was to use them to frame a peek-a-boo hole on a door. I've always wanted to do that with a very unique frame.

That got me thinking for you to maybe use them as molding perhaps on a plain cabinet door. You know to put them on the door (with liquid nails) and paint them and the door the same color. Does that make sense?

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Could the frame become the lid of one of your pretty boxes? Of course you would have to build a box to fit it...sorry that wasn't an easy-to-do idea. :( OK, the frame could be the top of a wind chime (hang it horizontally) and attach spoons/forks etc. to act as the chimes. I'm sure your ideas will be much better!!!

TheMadTwins said...

This is hard! No picture frames, maybe a sort of plank where you can put hot things op, like a pot of tea. Paint it in a lovely color and it fits perfectly in you house :D

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