Friday, February 22, 2013

The Painters are Coming! The Painters are Coming!

I normally do the painting in my house. There are exceptions, though. I don't do exteriors, I don't do ceilings  (well, I've done them, but not anymore) and I don't do things that I have to have done in less than two weeks. The painters are coming because the basement (which is rather large) is in desperate need of a paint job and we are having my son's college lacrosse team over for dinner. We have to hold the dinner in the basement because that's where I can fit a large number of tables (after we move the pool table). Anyway, we painted it over 11 years ago and with three boys -- need I say more? My husband asked me to pick paint colors and well, I don't want to. Say what?  I love my paint colors in the basement. I mean, they have served us well and I don't want to change them...does that make me crazy? I spent weeks picking out the right color tan and it works! The navy on the bottom also works to hide the dirt the boys generate when playing mini-hockey, etc. And both colors work well with the carpet and furniture. SO, I'm not changing the colors. Why do I feel so guilty?

Just to appease myself, I am, however, going to paint our hall bathroom. I love the blue and the stencil design I created 17 years ago (that's right), but I really need a change in that room. I used a cheap paint and it sucks. I am going with a high quality paint for that room and changing it up a bit. Right now I'm looking in the lime/citrus green color spectrum. Here's what it looks like now...

Not quite sure what I'll end up with. It's a small windowless room and I need something bright with no gray undertones (got enough gray going on in the hall, kitchen and living room).
So, while the guys are painting downstairs, I'll be in my little room working diligently to bring some NEW color into my life. I think I'll redo the maple leaves, what do you think?


Ali Richardson said...

I would love to have someone com eover and paint for me. You're not crazy for not wanting to change the color. You like what you like :)

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

I don't blame you for not changing colors in the basement. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! Green for your bathroom sounds'll let us see the results, won't you???