Friday, February 1, 2013

A Little Surprise

In a previous post I wrote about how important presentation and packaging are when sending my etsy orders. I want every person who orders from me to feel as if they've received a gift. Sometimes, especially when I have orders over $10, I actually include a gift. One of my loyal customers just ordered from me again. I've sent her almost everything that I usually include with her other orders. For example, with laundry sign orders, I usually include a French clothespin magnet and for wine/bottle charm orders, I usually include an extra bottle charm. So, she's already ordered from me about four times...what to send? I decided a little shabby chic valentine heart was just the right thing. She can hang it in her daughter's shabby chic bedroom if she would like.

I also wrapped her frame (she purchased) in pink tissue and used a vintage ribbon.

Everyone can use a little surprise once in a while!
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Lynn Stevens said...

What a wonderful way to make your customers feel special.! Your packaging is so pretty too.
Hugs Lynn

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I so enjoy the packaging from an Etsy seller like you. It makes me feel like they really wanted me to be happy.

Donna said...

What a thoughtful idea, Renee! I love the heart, and your customer will too! I love seeing and hearing how other Etsy sellers package their items. I always include a little gift with my orders, too. usually a hand crafted tag. And a hand written thank you note. I am surprised at all of the different sellers that I've ordered from who don't even include a thank you note!