Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blocks for Babies

End of the Year Craziness Prevails ... Too many things going on with kids, graduations, sports, end of year parties, etsy orders and full time work. I never seem to have the time to blog anymore. I thought about stopping, but I enjoy your comments even though they've dwindled to one or two lately!
My etsy orders seem to come in spurts. This spring I've had more orders for my initial blocks than I've ever had. I love making them and with a new set of rubber stamps that I purchased from Michael's, I was eager to make more.

Here are two recent orders:

I've also been running a couple races lately with my youngest son. It's sort of a bonding time for us, but he usually leaves me in the dust after about 2 minutes into the race! This weekend, I ran without him and with a group of women in the ZOOMA race for women 10K. It was my first 10K (since high school, that is). Although I had to make a quick bathroom pitstop, I ran pretty well, coming in 13th out of 72 in my age division. Next year I hope to do better (and I also hope it's not so hot)!! Here I am with the gal that got me into this craziness of doing a 10k.


Ali Richardson said...

Love those sweet baby blocks :) I applaud you for getting into running. I am not a fan :/ lol

freckled laundry said...

Hi, Renee. I was happy to see your comment on my blog yesterday. Thank you! Your blocks are the sweetest. I'd love to order a "C" from you with a sports theme like the second photo if you aren't too busy with orders! A friend of mine just had a baby boy. Also, congrats on your race! 13th is pretty awesome.

Jamie said...

Those blocks are adorable! And you look great!