Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sand Soccer!

We had a great weekend starting with a lacrosse team party Friday night and a trip down to the beach that same night to avoid our notorious Bay Bridge traffic on Saturday morning. Plus, my son's sand soccer tournament started bright and early at 8 AM -- my husband coaches the team so that means even earlier for us!
Sand soccer is a great way for these little athletes (and not so little as we found out) to get some strenuous exercise on the beach. Each game is 4 on 4 for three 12-minute periods...and believe me if you ever tried to run in the sand (not the hard kind), it's a workout. They wear special sand soccer socks to avoid blisters. We had an amazing day--78 and sunny--on the beach and came home very tired, especially my guy who fell asleep 10-minutes into the trip home.
Here are some shots from the day:
 I loved all the kites against the bright blue sky:
 My guy spent his time off the soccer field digging a hole in the sand with his buddies:

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

looks like a fun time! love the last picture!