Friday, June 28, 2013

Duck Tales

You may recall that we got ducklings at Easter. Sweet little things who grew into large pooping machines. We still loved them. The boys made a pen out back complete with two stories and a ramp to get to the second level. Unfortunately, a hard lesson was learned as the boys forgot to put the ducks back in the pen one night. Only one survived a fox attack. We don't know how the duck escaped, but we found her badly injured in my neighbor's stairwell. We nursed her back to health in the comfort of our family room "hospital."  Since then we've been on the hunt for a new duckling as a companion for our poor lonely one. We found one on Wednesday.
Meet the new duckling:
This one is very noisy, and is still too young to be with the older one, so it has companion stuffed animals. Very, very sweet as it thinks the stuffed animals are alive.


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Awe--those are the cutest duck pictures ever! Your son looks so happy. Fun memories!

stacie said...

OMG, that one with the duck and the teddy bear is so cute! What a cutie.