Monday, September 16, 2013

Color Me Something

I'm on the hunt for paint colors again. I want to paint my oldest son's room. Next week, he is moving back to the Boston area (where he went to school). I am sad, but I know that's what will make him happy. Maybe if I paint it, he'll stay? No way; he's got a gal up there and a job interview.

Anyway, right now his room is very dark. Black bookshelves, black bed (which I love) and maroon and beige walls (high school colors) so I want to lighten it up by painting the walls. It will now be a guest room for my son and whomever (unless my youngest wants it).

Maybe a light greenish blue, light grayish blue, light aqua blue...not sure...any help?Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue Paint Color.Lilac Lane Cottage: More Cottage Bathroom Inspiration- this looks so relaxing I love that lite ocean blue paint so soothing
Potential wall color from Eggshell Blues paint colors in May 2013 issue of BHG

It has to look good with black because I am NOT painting an entire wall of bookshelves. Anyway, it will be a while...
All images are from my Pinterest board: Home Inspirations where you can find sources.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love the inspiration and that color!

Pamela Rosenberg said...

I'm kind of feeling that Arctic Blue and who wouldn't like a paint color called The Good Life? Maybe a bit more sophisticated than the Quench Blue but then again it depends on what kind of a look you are going for. Can't wait to see what you do with this. :D
Pam @ BeColorful