Friday, September 6, 2013

Kitchen Kravings

After almost 18 years, I'm craving a new kitchen....or at least an updated one! There's really nothing wrong with it, except the cabinets are getting faded and worn, the countertop is getting a little stained (although, for a laminate's really held up well.  Nevarmar®is the brand) and I really, really want to put a cooktop in my island where I can spread out and cook. However, the reality is that I've got my son's college loans to pay off, the cars are getting older and I am working full-time so I don't have time to DIY. So, I'm just going to dream...humor me and enjoy:
This one has a sink on the island instead of a cooktop, but, I could live with that!
Dream kitchen
Now, this is a cooktop island!

Love this for a pantry...I actually priced getting these types of doors...out of this gal's budget!
pantry- this is what I want!!!!
Love the soft colors in this kitchen and those cabinets...Soothing Retreat Savvy Splurges
This isn't actually my taste, but wouldn't it be nice to have all of that space?

Kitchen Ideas #kitchen

All images are from my Pinterest boards so you can find the sources there under Dream Home or Kitchens.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

the one with the chalkboard wall and pantry is my favorite!!!

Donna said...

The second to last one is my very favorite! I would love to have a nice big kitchen full of white beadboard, open shelving, as well as glass front cabinets. Oh well, I can always dream!!