Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebrating 70

Saturday we will be celebrating Greg's Aunt and Uncle's 70th wedding anniversary! They are holding a square dance for their celebration (they are 94 and 98 years old and they still square dance)! We are excited to go and join the fun. I wanted to give them something special for their big day, so I made them a little booklet card. Here are some sneak peeks of it. The technique I used on the front was smudging. I used a water based black ink to stamp various sizes and styles of hearts. I waited a few minutes and then before it dried, I used the side of my finger to very lightly smudge the ink to one side. It kind of gives it an interesting background. It's a bit messy and you have to be careful not to touch any other part of the book (I did, but immediately wiped it off with a wet wipe). My youngest told me that I needed to brighten it up a bit (everyone's a critic) and he was right, so I stamped the hearts on pink paper and added them in select spots. 

Then, I glued the "70" to the front and used a coat of Mod Podge to protect it. Each member of our family will write a short note to the happy couple inside.

Well, gotta go tackle laundry and house-cleaning before I go...

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

have fun this weekend! i cannot believe they have been married 70 years- good gracious! what a lovely and thoughtful gift i am sure they will cherish.