Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun-filled Weekend (with a little creativity involved)

Once again, we had another fun-filled weekend with the Zemanski crew. Greg's parents, brother, sister-in-law and their kids joined us Friday for dinner out at Cantlers (famous for crabs), then on Saturday we spent the day in DC and headed out with my other nephew, his girlfriend and Greg's other brother  to watch my nephew Ben (who plays for Chivas USA) play DC United in soccer. (Did you get all that?) We had a lot of fun even though Chivas lost. Sunday, it was back to our house for croquet, Baggo and soccer games, plus a bushel of crabs that we had no problem finishing. Monday, we headed to Annapolis to show off our wonderful little city. We sat by the city dock in the shade slurping delicious ice cream from Annapolis Ice Cream (the BEST ice cream--seriously). Most of us had my favorite, apple pie, a flavor where they stir a whole homemade apple pie and cinnamon into the ice cream - yum!

Monday, I still had some company, but did manage to sneak up to the craft closet to finish this sign for my etsy shop. After much research, I see that signs seem to sell a lot better than collage work, so I thought  I would combine my love for art into functional signs. Here is the first of my series of "welcome" and "home" signs. This one reads, "Home is where the heart is." (I substituted a vintage heart pin for the word "heart.") I had a lot of fun creating this. It all started with a piece of wood and this vintage BINGO card. I cut the card into a house shape and just started working. After I was almost finished, I realized that I needed a roof. I told my sister that I wanted to find some copper to cut into a roof (triangle) shape, and guess what? She had it! Wow, her craft room has everything. I swear if I said that I needed an antique spider web, she'd say, "oh, go look in that box over there..."

Anyway, here is the finished result. It's now on sale at my etsy shop. The next sign I make will be very shabby chic...I actually am falling in love with it and may decide to keep it...we'll see.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

the wine and design was fun- small, but fun! there were 4 of us there. lots of desserts, too! :) i haven't posted anything about it because i am foing a swap with kaysi of keeping it simple and was saving to write about it for that next friday. we didn't discuss summer since there were only a few of us there. i am all for continuing and if someone can make it, then yay, and if someone can't then we all understand. that being said, what is your june like? i am available on the 24th, or the 11th, but i think that's it. how bout you? and what would you like to make?

Renze said...

I would love to host it at my house on the 11th! I'm not available any Friday after that in June (we are leaving for Phoenix on 6/18. How about it? I'll try to send out an evite next week (even though I've never sent an evite). I'll think of something to make.