Sunday, June 13, 2010


My house is buzzing about the Soccer World sons and husband  have been looking forward to this all year! Soccer is HUGe in my husband's family and big in mine -- my great uncle had the privilege of playing in the first ever World Cup game...he's even in the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame (yes, there is one in Oneonta, NY, very close to Cooperstown, NY)! In case you haven't heard, the U.S. tied England 1-1; it was a great game and we had a houseful of people who really appreciated the game and the level of play. 

Aside from watching soccer  (and lacrosse),  I've been working on several wedding presents for people -- even sold a few items on my etsy site -- Where the Grass is Greener!! Very excited and hoping that the trend will continue. 

My other shop, Country Tag Sale, a vintage shop, is doing great. I make at least one sale a week and have so much fun finding the items (the thrill of the hunt!) and photographing them. Speaking of which, I got a fantastic deal on a tripod for my camera. 

I have two small tripods that I use all the time, but some for some shots, I really wished that I had a taller one -- well, I found one, the perfect tripod -- one that sells for $40-$60 retail-- for only $2 (that seems to be my magic number at garage sales, lately). Now my shots may look somewhat professional. I also found the funniest father's day gift for my husband (don't worry, he never reads this) -- a beer mug with a bell ringer attached! 

I also found these adorable easels (see above) for my mini collages. I'm going to offer them with each as an option.

Wednesday, I'll be posting on Country Chic Cottage again to show what I created with my giant spool (Still working on that). Tune in...

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