Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hiccups & Harmony

After 6 days without the little guy around, I managed to get some work done.

Yes, I did have some hiccups -- running to the orthodontist for my older son's last minute retainer replacement, sitting in a lot of traffic, two power failures, loads of laundry and a paint pen explosion. Yes, I was putting the final touches on a sweet little mirror that I plan on selling in my etsy store and my paint pen just exploded (not literally), but all the paint began to drip out on my finished product! Luckily, it happened in one corner, so I covered most of the mess with the frog (see picture on right). However, I still had a black blob behind the frog. My son suggested that I make it into a plant behind the frog, so I just started painting (with a new paint pen) and the result is what you see! Can you tell?

I'm heading to Pittsburgh today to visit my parents and my in-laws for a few days...just me and two boys...maybe, I'll come up with some new inspirations. I had some fantastic finds at the estate and garage sales yesterday...I'll post those when I get back, so tune won't be sorry!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

can't tell at all- it looks great!

Carmen said...

LOL! Ahhh....the frog mirror! You're right--the cards would go well with it! =D