Sunday, June 12, 2011


My yard sale was a success in many ways! First, I raised $170 for the Alzheimer's Association! Most people were very generous, but I did have one lady who tried to talk me down from a very, very cheap price on vintage linens. I kept telling her that it was for charity, but she insisted that I take $2 for $8 worth of linens (which in reality was probably over $50 worth of linens). I said, "no" about five times and she shrugged and set them down...I sold almost all of them anyway, thank you very much. Seriously.

Anyway, I also cleared $160 for myself and have a cleaner garage. After unloading two truckfuls of stuff at my friend's house, I came back with one lonely box of stuff...all going to Purple Heart.
I was so happy to report all my earnings to the daughter of my friend with Alzheimers that I rode my bike right over after the sale!!!

As sweet as she is, she offered me anything that was left in the house...I could have filled my garage again with all the wonderful stuff, but I settled for a few plates, a new toaster, some other trinkets and these two gorgeous wood carved antique chairs! (I can't believe they didn't want them.) I am going to paint and recover them this summer...have no clue where they will go, but I love them!!! Trust me, they will be beautiful!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

yay!!!! so glad about the money for alzheimers, and those chairs are awesome!!!
we also had success with our yard sale.... and used it on dinner and drinks last night! :)

The Kramer Angle said...

Sounds like it was definitely a big success!

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

What an all around success!! Love that you made money for such a great cause, got some for yourself, and was able to clear out your garage! Love the chairs!

stacie said...

Love the back of the chairs. Good job with the sale!