Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside..

So, stay in and start organizing! Wait, you hate to organize? Well, you’re just not doing it right, that’s all. Okay, I know some of you reading this are actually lucky to have a minute to sit down and read this, but the trick is to take little chunks of time and organize on a small scale. If you start small – little sections of a room perhaps – and then work on that single area until finished, you’ll actually be more motivated to move on to your next assignment.
Start with one room at a time. Follow the example of those TV organizing shows. For example, mark boxes or bags: toss or “freecycle,” give away to charity, yard sale, keep and store. Once you start there’s no turning back…bet you won’t even miss the things you give away! Check out all the stuff I gathered and donated in one afternoon (on right). 

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