Thursday, January 28, 2010

Child's Play

I think the most fun that I have decorating is when I decorate a child's room! The possibilities are endless. However, before you let your imagination go wild, there are three basic guidelines that you need to follow. Number one: Design for function. 

This means you have to plan ahead and think about what your children do in the room beside sleep. Do they study, play with their toys or just want a place to escape? Sure those Pottery Barn shelves look beautiful, but what good are they if your child can't reach them!

Guideline number two: Get your kids involved – up to a point. Ask them their favorite color and what they want to do in the room. If this sounds frightening …yikes, what if they want their room orange? ...don't worry. You can paint the walls a neutral color and fill it with orange accessories. Pillows, comforters and throw rugs are easy things to change when they change their minds (and they will change their minds).

Third, remember their ages. Pick themes carefully especially when designing an older child's room unless you don't mind redesigning and painting every couple of years. For example, when you are designing a nine-year old's room, remember that the preteen and teen years are right around the corner. Will a preteen really like painted dragons dancing across the walls?

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