Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In a Creative Mood...

I had a productive day today! I am happy to say that I finished painting two new pieces of furniture - a fun and flirty bookcase (above) and a pretty, pale pink dragonfly mirror. Now, I just have to finish sealing them with a protective coat of Vermont Naturals polywhey (environmentally-friendly) gloss. After that, I will post them on my website for sale.
Since you really can't tell from these pics, the bookcase is painted in the palest of baby blue with white, black and lime green accents ( i love lime green). After sealing the paint, I will add little rhinestones to the sides at each line cute (if I say so myself)!!!
It's funny, I start each of my projects thinking that I'm going to make them unisex, but I just can't help adding the little touches of pink or rhinestones. I wonder if it's because I have three sons???

I had so much fun just going with the flow and painting my furniture that I can't wait to start on my next project!

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