Saturday, January 2, 2010

Recycling Resolutions

Happy New Year! When you make your list of resolutions for 2010, make sure you include "recycling and repurposing more often" as one of them! Of course, that's what my business is based on and I hope to share some of my new creative creations over the next year.

That said, here are some clever ways to repurpose your junk mail:

  • Shred it and use it to line a pet's cage.
  • Use pieces of it to create your own artwork or cards.
  • Use the envelopes to tuck coupons inside and write your grocery list on the outside (I've been doing this for years).
  • Make your own paper and give it as a gift (or use it to make notecards). 
  • Use it as filler when packing and shipping fragile items.
Check out this blog that I just discovered: woman makes jewelry and magnets from junk mail!

There's also another website that I absolutely's called JunkMarket Style and was created by Sue Whitney, a stay-at-home mom and self-proclaimed "junker." Sue has built a business around repurposing junk and she has many followers and oodles of ideas from some of the craziest, craftiest and cleverest women in America. Check it out at

Now, I have a question for all of my creative followers...what would you do with these wooden spools? Used to hold nautical rope, they are about 12 inches high and 10 inches wide, (too small for side tables) and they are made from pine with a cardboard center (where the rope is wound). I think that they would make darling stools for toddlers, but since they are constructed of cardboard, I'm not sure they are sturdy enough. Got any ideas?

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