Monday, February 1, 2010

Unexpected Girl's weekend

Here I am at my sister's house and it's been a roller coaster weekend. My nephew, Ryan, was admitted to the hospital on Friday with severe pains...appendicitis! To top it off, he already has mono, which is making his recovery time a lot longer. My sister's husband is halfway across the world in Australia, so, long story short, I drove up to take care of my seven-year old niece while sis was at the hospital with Ryan. While doing my sister a favor, I actually did a favor for myself ... I got to explore my creativity (see above)! I created this cool collage for my kitchen and another one that's in the process of drying right now.

I've had a great time with my niece...we went out to dinner on Friday, did make-up and hair together on Saturday, dressed up as spies, watched movies, made up a dance routine, and played in my sister's jewelry room with a plethora of crafts! I was like a monkey in a banana tree! My sister has so many craft supplies that she could open her own store!  My niece, Maddie, even drew a portrait of me, Picasso-style (see picture on right). I also got to create some valentine's for the men in my life while Maddie made valentines for all of the girls in her second grade class. I'll share those creations with you a little closer to Valentine's Day!

My sister finally came home with my nephew late yesterday afternoon (he's doing much better) and I cooked up some of my famous Italian wedding soup for her and her family. We are enjoying our time together so much, I even talked my husband into letting me stay up here a bit longer...I've got to offer that morale support! Stacie spent the day making jewelry (check her stuff out at ) and I spent the day crafting! Tonight we're going to watch a movie and relax and tomorrow, I have to go back to the real world. Ryan, by the way, is sleeping a lot.


Allison said...

Renee- your collage is beautiful! I love the mulberry paper detail. I'm really glad that you had fun despite the difficult situation with Ry. I'd love to craft with you guys the next time!
Nice portrait -
very Maddie-esque!

Thanks for sharing!

Renze said...

Thanks Allison! And thanks for letting me borrow your ink...I'll post what I used it for on a future blog! I think I'll try and make it for your next crafting get together...