Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now what?

The holidays are over and you’ve got a landfill full of wrappings, boxes and tissue to toss…not so fast, you can recycle all of it! My grandmothers never even realized they were saving the earth when they would fold up the wrapping paper (that wasn’t torn to shreds) and save those pretty ribbons. You can reuse many of the items and save yourself mucho dollars in the process! The rest can go into the recycling bin.

What about those Christmas cards? Turn them into gift tags for next year! Very easy, especially if you scrapbook and have a tag maker. If not, just grab a pair of scissors and cut little squares or rectangles…you can get at least four gift tags from one card (if not more). Punch a hole in the corner with a paper punch and use a ribbon to attach to the gift. Store in an envelope for next year.

If you’re crafty, you can also use this year’s cards to make new cards for next year or use them to decoupage onto small boxes, trays, etc. and give as gifts next year.
If the cards are truly beautiful or if they are works of art (I have some very creative friends), you can frame them in inexpensive frames and then use them as part of your Christmas décor next year. 
Do you do anything clever with your leftover wrapping paper, boxes and cards?

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