Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reflections of Snow Days

Being "snowed in" is a great excuse for staying in bed and reading and that's exactly what I did yesterday and today. If this snow keeps up, I may even read two books in three weeks...unheard of, unless I'm on vacation. What am I reading? Well, right now, I'm supposed to be reading "The Help" for book club, but the fact is, I can't put down a book, called "The Unlikely Disciple" by Kevin Roose. It's a book by a Brown student who actually goes undercover for a semester at Liberty University -- one of the largest evangelical Christian universities in the world. It's extremely well-written and I think the reason I am identifying with it so much is because my son is currently attending another Christian school up North. I also know a friend's son who is currently attending Liberty. Here's the website if you're interested: www.kevinroose.com.

Lest you think I sit in bed reading and eating bon-bons all day, I've been unbelievably productive framing some of my mixed media collages...I really wish that I could take some better photos to share with you, but alas, the ones you see are the ones I have. I will be putting them on my website for sale as soon as I can get some decent photographs of them. The one above is an actual photograph of a reflection in the water (untouched by any photo editing program). I just loved the colors and to me it looks like a water color (well, it is in a way, isn't it?). I used some scrapbook materials I have to turn it into a mixed media piece. The other piece (to the left) is a piece I created at my sister's house using various items such as vintage jewelry, twine and pieces of an antique book. It says "vision," but, to reiterate, my photography isn't the best, so it's kind of tough to see. Let me know what you think.


Allison said...

I like the direction you are taking... & beautiful photo. You've been busy!
Enjoy the additional snow. No school here until next week.

Renze said...

Thanks! I took a bunch of photos like this when I was up in Massachusetts this fall. No school here either...heavy sigh.

Cassie said...

i definitely thought you painted the picture of the boat reflected in the water! i am glad you didn't because you are already so talented i would have been disgusted! ;) seriously though, i love mixed media and appreciate it as it is something at which i don't fare well. looks like the next few days will be good for crafting as well.... i made a wreath tonight! now have to fiure out what to do tomorrow!