Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feeling Snow Creative!

Happy Valentine's Day! Don't expect me to keep posting like this all the time. It's just that I've been trapped inside my house for so long because of the snow that I'm finding too many things to do! You can only clean out your closets, do laundry, read, bake and play family games so much. So, I can't help being productive in a crafty sort of way.

Instead of making things to sell, I decided to create some things for my own home. Right now, I have a few projects going on. I framed some photos; I'm making a welcome sign for my hall; and I decided to create some fun light-switch covers.
My sister's friend Allison gave me the idea.
She sells some really cool ones online at her etsy shop. I'm not exactly sure how she makes hers, but I use a variety of things such as fabric, papers, paint markers and good old fashioned Mod Podge. I went a little crazy.

I also started scrapbooking and arranging my crafting area at a frenetic pace. It's organized and has a small window (it's in the back of a very long closet) but it's not very pretty, so my next project is to make it a little more inspiring. Some day, I'll have my own craft room, but I'll keep the kids around for now :-)

I'll take some before shots and then show you how I've added some creative touches. (Don't expect much...there's only so much you can do with a closet!)


Cassie said...

i like those! i especially like the second one, but the first has a very swedish vibe, which i love! very nice!

Allison said...

Lookin good! & thanks for the shout out! thinking warm and melty thoughts for the coming week...