Friday, February 5, 2010

Creative Outlets

Well, here I sit, back in my humble abode watching the snow fall ... apparently there's 28 inches on the way. Of course, the kids are being dismissed early... I honestly don't think we've had a full week of school for the past month and a half! 

It was wonderful being at my sister's house this past weekend, even though the circumstances weren't ideal. I had a chance to really think through things and find a new creative outlet...mixed media collage. Mixed media collage encompasses everything and can play with paints, inks, stamps, paper, tissue, markers, photos, and more! I am trying to include some of my photography in my creations, along with some vintage jewelry and metal, and of course, my favorite...ripped paper. Just take a look at some of the fun pieces I've done in the past few days (shown above). I think I've found a new artistic direction!! This isn't to say that I've given up on my furniture painting...I was painting today, finishing this darling little table and chair set. It's just really hard work and at this point, I have only a few finished pieces and tons of projects just waiting for some tender loving care. The collage art gives me a sort of immediate gratification ... an actual finished project. 

Unlike the furniture painting, I really don't plan anything when I start, except maybe the size of my piece. Then I just start placing things randomly until I find a design or color direction that I like. After that, I begin adding texture with jewelry, buttons, pieces of twine, paper and even watch parts. Sometimes I try to glue at least two things in place and see where it takes me; other times I just move things around until I create an eye-pleasing design. Either way, it's very liberating and exciting.

Do you have an artistic outlet? Let me know!


stephanie said...

I love these, Renee! So cool.

Renze said...

Thanks...I'm having fun creating them. Wish I had more time. "Time to Dream...." ha!