Friday, February 19, 2010

Back to normal (whatever that is...)

Finally, back to a somewhat normal schedule. I do plan on blogging at least twice a week unless I have something super cool to share (and then I just can't wait!). I haven't been as crazy crafty because I have actual work to do (work that pays me). I did make it to the warehouse yesterday and finally finished my cool little table...yea!! Now on to the chairs!
I made this collage (above) last week and finally framed it with two others. I particularly love this one because I love the ocean, love the color blue and sea glass...see the tiny piece I incorporated?
Today in the mail, I received some really cool inks that I ordered online... I can't wait to use them! But, I'll have to wait...I'm going to be spending my weekend (starting this afternoon) in a smelly gym with all of the county high school wrestlers (including my son). Our high school is hosting this huge event and I'm helping in the coaches' hospitality room when I'm not watching my son wrestle. Not much time to craft, but a lot of time to think up new projects. I'll bring my sketchbook!

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