Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where are we? Alaska?

It's still snowing! We have a record snowfall here. Spending most of my time inside cooking (in case the power goes out, I'll be able to hook up a crock pot to the generator). Above is the view out my front door...took a while to get the door open so we could shovel a path. However, as soon as we shoveled it, it was covered again and I mean covered with at least two inches!!! If I had to guess, I would say we have at least 30 inches so far...with the drifts, it's up past my waist in some areas, making it quite hard to move!

Stoli, my Siberian husky, is enjoying it, but she got a little spooked when she sunk into snow above her head! She quickly scrambled out and found solace under a tree where the snow had drifted away.
My neighbor came by with a snow blower and did a good part of the driveway in case we have to get out  (of course, we really can't go anywhere since the streets aren't all plowed)!

Well, better get back to that Italian wedding soup (nothing like homemade soup on a day like today!) and probably some crafting or painting.

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