Friday, August 13, 2010

Not So Shabby Chic

I absolutely love the shabby chic look...In fact, I've always loved it before they called it shabby chic. Those soft pastels, creme and white just give me a sense of calm and cleanliness. My home is a mix of shabby chic and rustic cottage country...the latter is practicality...I mean stuff that's well worn and distressed just fits in a home with three four boys.

I found these wonderful vintage resin frames and I've been collecting them whenever I see them. To most, they are pretty ugly (I guess that's why I always find them in thrift stores), but to me, I saw possibilities. I really had no clue what I was going to do with them until a couple weeks ago. Then, I got my trusty can of spray paint, my glazing tools and some beautiful vintage style paper and went to work. The centerpiece in each piece is where the real fun begins...I look through my large collection of broken vintage earrings, pins, etc. and find just the right item to showcase. The results are what you see in this posting and it even inspired me to open a new section in my Country Tag Sale shop, called Country Chic. I plan on listing something new every day in the section until I run out of inventory...then I've got to find more ugly resin frames and old drawers to transform. However, the tag sales will have to wait until the soccer game has ended. Soccer season is just starting and that will now be priority on Saturday mornings.

On another note, my home looks like a tornado and a hurricane went through it, but I finished a lot. However, when my son commented on how messy it was...that really scared me into cleaning. I better go.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love those resin frames! i got some at the salvation army up here when it was closing for 2 cents each and i was thrilled! they look great!

Carmen said...

Those frames are just gorgeous!! I'm keeping my eyes open and hoping to find some....I just love 'em!